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Mistakes We’ve All Made On Facebook

We’ve all made mistakes when building our business pages on Facebook, we are no exception to this. It’s easy to follow suit because someone says something worked for them when in all reality 9 times out of 10 it’s a terrible suggestion. Trust us, we’ve experimented with almost every suggestion we’ve heard.

Here are some of the most common mistakes so many of us have made with our business pages on Facebook.

Not Posting To Your Facebook Page Regularly

Think of your Facebook page as a doorway and every day you don’t post some sort of engaging content that door continues to close…that’s honestly one of the best ways to describe what happens. It’s so easy to close that door, but the struggle is real when you’re trying to open it back up, so post daily, if you can. Your overall content reach will … Read More »

Never Stop Connecting With New People On Social Media Platforms

It’s easy to believe the old adage, “if you build it, they will come”. This couldn’t be further from the truth for social media….unless your name is Oprah. Part of your social media strategy should include weekly, if not daily, the task of seeking out new people to connect with. By doing this you are continually opening your brand up to fresh new eyeballs…that’s what you want anyway, right? You want to continually reach new, targeted social media users because then you have the ability to turn those connections into one of the following:

✏️ New customers

✏️ Brand advocates

✏️ Brand referrers

✏️ Brand supporters

These people could turn into some of the best advocates for your brand, wouldn’t you love that? It’s not as hard as you think to add this task to your daily or weekly social media routine especially when there … Read More »

Engagement Is Key For Businesses During The Holidays


We can’t preach it enough, social media engagement is king for all campaigns. It’s also the key to a successful holiday social media campaign. If all you do is post the same non-engaging, overly promotional content, potential customers will get bored. Think we’re wrong? Take off your business hat for a quick minute and think like a consumer. What content are you more likely to engage with? Ad-style postings or something more light hearted, and uber engaging?

*note: these ideas can be tweaked to work with any social platform. 

Here are some successful & highly engaging post ideas that can promote a brand while not being overly promotional:
Gift Cards

Take a picture of staff or customers holding your gift cards. Start your post by asking people to tag someone that would love to get that gift card for Christmas, or Hanukkah. Under that you can … Read More »

Make Social Media Great Again

Throughout the years social media has increasingly become anything but social when it comes to brands & businesses. Whether it’s due to lack of time or terrible advice, it seems that the social aspect has become a lost art. Take a look at Twitter and see for yourself. Your feed is bound to be filled with a ton of sales ads, purchase links, affiliate propositions, and partial Facebook fed posts.

It’s Time To Make Social Media Great Again

That’s right, it’s time we start getting back to being social, having real conversations, and building legitimate relationships online. It’s time brands and businesses start putting a little time and thought into engaging, and for the love of all things good in this world, it’s time to stop with the automated DMs, & LinkedIn messages.

How Do You Put the Social Back in Social Media?

We’re … Read More »

You Too Can Incorporate Pokémon GO Into Your Social Media Strategies

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Taking advantage of trends online and in real life can set your company and brand apart from the competition almost instantaneously. Take for example the Twitter trend, don’t you wish your company jumped on that bandwagon in 2006?  #ThrowbackThursday is another trend that businesses are starting to finally use in conjunction with their social media campaigns. Fast forward to last week, this past weekend, and today….let’s talk Pokémon GO!

What is Pokémon GO? The real quick, kinda n00b explanation of it is…Pokémon GO is a mobile app version of a card game & cartoon that was popular when I was in high school. I was never a fan to be honest, but now I kinda am. I personally love how it incorporates real world locations & is getting people outside. The goal is to catch the Pokémon, evolve them, battle at … Read More »

Take Your Social Media Mobile With These Helpful Apps

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It’s summertime and no one wants to be in a stuffy office let alone behind a desk so why not take one of the tasks you do every day mobile? It’s pretty easy to do, with the exception of one or two hiccups, but we’ll get to those in a bit. Right now we’re going to share with you all of our favorite apps that we actually do use on a daily basis when our clients have us working out of the office.

Social Media Management Apps

Facebook Pages
Twitter (native app for personal account usage)
Echofon (for all client Twitter accounts)
Hootsuite for scheduling directly from the web or content curation platforms
LinkedIn’s native app for personal accounts
Pinterest’s native app
Social Report for deep analytics as well as goal conversions etc…
Sprout Social (we use this for a few accounts based on necessity)
HubSpot (this is used for … Read More »

Learn How One Social Media Professional Finds Success With Twitter

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I have always been, and will probably always be a huge supporter, and user of Twitter. I’ve had an account since its early days…you know, the days where there was so little happening that the main page was a live feed of the stream. I remember that after 10pm Central the newsfeed would primarily be in languages I am unfamiliar with. I also remember that people would talk…yes I do mean REAL conversations. Over the years I’ve experienced great success with Twitter, not just for my own personal account, but also for clients. So many ask how, and while the tips are so basic, it’s truly about the follow through.

I never stop building my community – Follow, follow, follow. I use Tweepi to key into conversations that are currently happening as well as to find very targeted accounts that I’m … Read More »

Your Like & Share Facebook Contest Won’t Work

All too often I see people sharing pictures on Facebook with the original message being “Like and Share for your chance to win….” Sounds perfectly easy, but it actually isn’t. Requiring anyone to share the post in exchange for an entry doesn’t always work. With so many customizable privacy settings you’re never going to see everyone who shared the post making those posts hidden and unknown. Not very fair to the clueless fans that just shared your post and promoted your page. Liking a post as an entry to win is OK, but still not the best option because when you’re announcing the winner you’re not able to tag them so they will not be alerted to their winning unless they are watching your page like a hawk.

How To Run An On Page Contest On Facebook

Require the entrants to comment to … Read More »

Is Your Brand Participating In #ThrowbackThursday?

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It’s #ThrowbackThursday, is your brand participating? Some ideas:

– employee pics when they were babies or teens.
– the early days of the company.
– relevant throwbacks in your industry – who invented the first chicken wing…the first female attorney….etc…
– showcase clients or customers from years ago.

No matter what you choose to do make sure you’re participating in this highly engaged, viral trend using #ThrowbackThursday & #TBT on all social sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr…!

Here’s our #TBT: what the KiMedia Strategies office looked like in 2010, just starting out in the corner of Kim’s bedroom. To see how far we’ve come is amazing!

Simple Tips To Help You Improve Your Social Media Presence

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No BS here, just some really great tips.

Twitter Tips

– Continually seek out new people to follow
– Have real conversations with people and brands
– Participate in Twitter chats
– Share content that you are truly interested in or that your business/ brand wants to be seen as the leader in
– Watch your analytics to see what shared content generates clicks, new follows, shares and replies
– Don’t automate your direct messages
– Always know what you’re Tweeting
– Be kind and thank others for sharing your content
– Follow popular hashtags and participate in conversation
– Above all else, be yourself.

Facebook Tips

– One of my favorite tips especially for brands and small businesses that do not have a huge marketing budget is to run a $1/ day new like ad campaign targeted exactly to who you want seeing your content.

– Engage content on other pages
– Don’t just … Read More »