Facebook: Force Unfollow For Better Organic Reach

Yep, you heard us right. We believe that you should consider investing a little time into cleaning up your Facebook page likes sometime in the near future  because contrary to popular belief, Facebook success is not actually measured by the number of accounts that like your page, it’s measured by the number of engaged accounts that interact with your content in the way you want them to.

(EXAMPLE: click to website, comment, use coupon code in store, etc…)

Here are some very easy steps complete with visuals on how you can force accounts, also known as dead likes, to unfollow your page and ultimately increase your reach efforts.

Step 1: Go to your business Facebook page


Step 2: Click on Settings.

Step 3: Click “People & Other Pages”.

Step 4: Start selecting accounts you wish to force unfollow.

Step 5: Force accounts selected to unfollow (or ban if you want to make sure they don’t re-like your page)

Hint: Search for accounts you know are either fake or those of family and friends that never actually interact with your content, would never purchase your product or service, and are not your target customer or client.

Why do this?

The overall goal of social media should be to reach some type of targeted audience to create some type of engagement. When your page is full of dead likes and accounts that you asked to like in the early days to get you to that golden number to secure your username, you lose your targeted organic reach and a healthy organic reach is a beautiful thing.

Note: This is not guaranteed to make your content go viral, your sales increase or anything else. You still have to work at your social media to keep accounts engaged with your content to generate the reaction you’re looking for.