Mistakes We’ve All Made On Facebook

We’ve all made mistakes when building our business pages on Facebook, we are no exception to this. It’s easy to follow suit because someone says something worked for them when in all reality 9 times out of 10 it’s a terrible suggestion. Trust us, we’ve experimented with almost every suggestion we’ve heard.

facebook page tips

Here are some of the most common mistakes so many of us have made with our business pages on Facebook.

Not Posting To Your Facebook Page Regularly

Think of your Facebook page as a doorway and every day you don’t post some sort of engaging content that door continues to close…that’s honestly one of the best ways to describe what happens. It’s so easy to close that door, but the struggle is real when you’re trying to open it back up, so post daily, if you can. Your overall content reach will thank you.

Posting Repetitive Content On your Facebook Page

People will start to ignore you if the only content you post it “buy my stuff…” with a link. Switch it up, add some fun content so the sales side of your branding and marketing isn’t overlooked. Make your content work for you, not against you.

Asking Friends & Family To Like Your Facebook Page

This is semi-true and here’s why…if you have family and friends that are going to engage with your content regularly then ignore this, but if you’re simply trying to build numbers and none of them are active with the content you share then maybe it’s time to ask them to unlike your page. Facebook’s algorithm is a bit of a mystery, but we can guarantee that when you have more engagement you have a higher reach which means more of your “likers” are going to see the content you share.

Buying Facebook Page Likes

See above. The same thing happens to your overall reach when you buy likes. These are not active accounts or engagers. These accounts are essentially deadweight.

Ignoring Those That Engage With Your Brand On Facebook

Seriously. People are going to stop engaging with you if you aren’t responding to comments, messages, and posts to your page. It’s honestly a no brainer, turn on those notifications and stop ignoring the people you want to pay attention to your business offerings.

Do you have anything you’d add to this? Let us know in the comments below.