Why They Love Us . . .

We don’t just manage channels for clients, we become the Online voice for their brand…

Christine O’Leary, Comedienne

Chris Krimitsos, The Wealth Building Annex

“I met Kim working together professionally on a high impact project for local government. From the get-go, she has been an inspiration to work with on all levels. Not only is she a task oriented leader, she embodies social media both online and offline. Her passion resonates throughout conversations, work and events, where she takes every opportunity to remind us of the ever-present value of capturing timeless moments and encapsulating them for the rest of the social verse. Her goal is to help people and businesses understand that social media is not just a channel, but more importantly a way to connect and engage with audiences that were not available even five short years ago. These social opportunities command unprecedented value in a world where consumerism has turned to trust social and face-to-face recommendations above any other advertising form. I am free to discuss further about Kim’s professional experience, work ethic and social media consulting capabilities upon request.”

– Erik Ford, CEO, Tropik Media

“Kim is an asset to any organization fortunate to experience her talent and professionalism. We worked together in trying times on a project and you always felt secure when Kim was involved. Kim has extensive knowledge in the Social Media field and will be a loyal contribor company’s business objective.”

– Joe Greco, North American Title Company

“Thank God for my luck in attracting Kim Randall to help us manage our social media presence.  I know a lot of consultants in social media, but I have not found anyone who can plan, set up and execute a complete social media program like Kim has done for us.”

– David Doerges, Founder and CEO of Free Networking International

“Kim Randall made an immediate impact on our social networking administration.  Trying to keep up with the growing amount of social networks and which ones were best for us was daunting.  Kim showed us how
to use tools to consolidate our content updates and we’ve had impressive results.”

– Mike Angel, VP Sales & Marketing, Melco

“I have worked with Kim on several occasions in the rarified atmosphere of virtual world marketing. Kim was the mastermind behind a string of innovative and highly creative events that raised awareness and cash for various causes. At all times, I was singularly impressed with her fastidious attention to detail, her occasionally fanatic commitment to customer service and her unfailing ability to successfully marshall people from all over the world in a hectic and demanding project. She is one of the best.”

– Steve Cropper, Executive Producer , Reputation TV

“Kim has provided me with excellent service in social media and marketing campaigns that have brought my business literally to the top of the search engines in its category. She is very knowledgeable and knows her way around the internet. I can attribute much of the success I have experienced over the last couple years to Kim Randall and her marketing expertise. I highly recommend her for any of your online marketing, social media and SEO needs.”

– Carolyn Hollier

“Kim was vital in helping me take my virtual project to the next level.  Through her knowledge of internet marketing and resources my fan base grew 200% in just 3 months and mp3 downloads increased from 1,000 a week to over 10,000 per week from the increase in traffic to my websites.”

– Jax Streeter, Independent Recording Artist

“Kim is very dedicated and smart person who would be an asset to any company trying to grow there business.”

– Charles Mccullough, The Philadelphian