Never Stop Connecting With New People On Social Media Platforms

It’s easy to believe the old adage, “if you build it, they will come”. This couldn’t be further from the truth for social media….unless your name is Oprah. Part of your social media strategy should include weekly, if not daily, the task of seeking out new people to connect with. By doing this you are continually opening your brand up to fresh new eyeballs…that’s what you want anyway, right? You want to continually reach new, targeted social media users because then you have the ability to turn those connections into one of the following:

✏️ New customers

✏️ Brand advocates

✏️ Brand referrers

✏️ Brand supporters

These people could turn into some of the best advocates for your brand, wouldn’t you love that? It’s not as hard as you think to add this task to your daily or weekly social media routine especially when there … Read More »

Engagement Is Key For Businesses During The Holidays


We can’t preach it enough, social media engagement is king for all campaigns. It’s also the key to a successful holiday social media campaign. If all you do is post the same non-engaging, overly promotional content, potential customers will get bored. Think we’re wrong? Take off your business hat for a quick minute and think like a consumer. What content are you more likely to engage with? Ad-style postings or something more light hearted, and uber engaging?

*note: these ideas can be tweaked to work with any social platform. 

Here are some successful & highly engaging post ideas that can promote a brand while not being overly promotional:
Gift Cards

Take a picture of staff or customers holding your gift cards. Start your post by asking people to tag someone that would love to get that gift card for Christmas, or Hanukkah. Under that you can … Read More »

Make Social Media Great Again

Throughout the years social media has increasingly become anything but social when it comes to brands & businesses. Whether it’s due to lack of time or terrible advice, it seems that the social aspect has become a lost art. Take a look at Twitter and see for yourself. Your feed is bound to be filled with a ton of sales ads, purchase links, affiliate propositions, and partial Facebook fed posts.

It’s Time To Make Social Media Great Again

That’s right, it’s time we start getting back to being social, having real conversations, and building legitimate relationships online. It’s time brands and businesses start putting a little time and thought into engaging, and for the love of all things good in this world, it’s time to stop with the automated DMs, & LinkedIn messages.

How Do You Put the Social Back in Social Media?

We’re … Read More »

Learn How One Social Media Professional Finds Success With Twitter

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I have always been, and will probably always be a huge supporter, and user of Twitter. I’ve had an account since its early days…you know, the days where there was so little happening that the main page was a live feed of the stream. I remember that after 10pm Central the newsfeed would primarily be in languages I am unfamiliar with. I also remember that people would talk…yes I do mean REAL conversations. Over the years I’ve experienced great success with Twitter, not just for my own personal account, but also for clients. So many ask how, and while the tips are so basic, it’s truly about the follow through.

I never stop building my community – Follow, follow, follow. I use Tweepi to key into conversations that are currently happening as well as to find very targeted accounts that I’m … Read More »

What Is The Relevance Of A Hashtag On Twitter?

What makes a hashtag relevant on Twitter?

Is it the popularity of the Tweeter that makes up the hashtag? Is it the creativity?

It seems like many brands don’t quite understand how, why or when to actually use hashtags so we’ve decided to break it down for you. We’re here to let you know how relevant a hashtag is on the various platforms, insider tips on using hashtags and mistakes we’ve all made, but need to stop making.

Twitter is one of the most relevant places that hashtags are used… and coincidently enough the first place hashtags were relevant.

Ways To Use Hashtags on Twitter

As keywords describing content in the Tweet so users are able to find it even if they aren’t following you.
As a way to host Twitter chats or parties.
To find information on a specific topic.
To follow trends.
To connect with people attending the same events.
To follow … Read More »

Lessons Your Brand Can Learn From CeeLo Green’s Twitter Mistake

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A wise person once said “Think before you speak” and while that still applies I think it’s also extremely fair to say that we all need to starting thinking before we Tweet, text or post anything anywhere online. CeeLo Green should have done just that this weekend when he decided to respond to people on Twitter in regards to allegations that in 2012 he slipped a female ecstasy and then raped her. (see BuzzFeed’s article about CeeLo Green’s Twitter mistake)

This is where we take CeeLo’s negative and turn it into a KiMedia Strategies positive. We can’t stress enough the importance of thinking before you react online. The Internet is a scary, crazy place where people are lurking, waiting for you to mess up. They’re waiting for you to Tweet something ridiculous enough to retweet and blog about. … Read More »

Arby’s Won The Internet and The Grammy’s

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We’re not quite sure what the inspiration was for the hat Pharrell wore during the Grammy’s, but we’re sure glad he put it on because without it we wouldn’t have had the best Tweet ever from last nights awards show.


Hours later, possibly after consulting with Daft Punk, Pharrell responds…


What was your favorite moment of the Grammy’s?

Twitter Changes Newsfeed Page Design Slightly

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We noticed that at some point in the last couple of hours Twitter rolled out a slightly newer design to their newsfeed.

Let’s not forget how Twitter looked in 2006
Or founder Jack Dorsey’s first Tweet!

We do love Twitter!

How long have you been Tweeting?