Never Stop Connecting With New People On Social Media Platforms

It’s easy to believe the old adage, “if you build it, they will come”. This couldn’t be further from the truth for social media….unless your name is Oprah. Part of your social media strategy should include weekly, if not daily, the task of seeking out new people to connect with. By doing this you are continually opening your brand up to fresh new eyeballs…that’s what you want anyway, right? You want to continually reach new, targeted social media users because then you have the ability to turn those connections into one of the following:

✏️ New customers

✏️ Brand advocates

✏️ Brand referrers

✏️ Brand supporters

These people could turn into some of the best advocates for your brand, wouldn’t you love that? It’s not as hard as you think to add this task to your daily or weekly social media routine especially when there … Read More »

Engagement Is Key For Businesses During The Holidays


We can’t preach it enough, social media engagement is king for all campaigns. It’s also the key to a successful holiday social media campaign. If all you do is post the same non-engaging, overly promotional content, potential customers will get bored. Think we’re wrong? Take off your business hat for a quick minute and think like a consumer. What content are you more likely to engage with? Ad-style postings or something more light hearted, and uber engaging?

*note: these ideas can be tweaked to work with any social platform. 

Here are some successful & highly engaging post ideas that can promote a brand while not being overly promotional:
Gift Cards

Take a picture of staff or customers holding your gift cards. Start your post by asking people to tag someone that would love to get that gift card for Christmas, or Hanukkah. Under that you can … Read More »

Make Social Media Great Again

Throughout the years social media has increasingly become anything but social when it comes to brands & businesses. Whether it’s due to lack of time or terrible advice, it seems that the social aspect has become a lost art. Take a look at Twitter and see for yourself. Your feed is bound to be filled with a ton of sales ads, purchase links, affiliate propositions, and partial Facebook fed posts.

It’s Time To Make Social Media Great Again

That’s right, it’s time we start getting back to being social, having real conversations, and building legitimate relationships online. It’s time brands and businesses start putting a little time and thought into engaging, and for the love of all things good in this world, it’s time to stop with the automated DMs, & LinkedIn messages.

How Do You Put the Social Back in Social Media?

We’re … Read More »

Successfully Running A Social Media Contest To Build Your Facebook Page Likes

If you own or manage a Facebook page I’m sure you’ve noticed that it’s getting harder to organically build it with new likes. One of the best ways to organically build up numbers is to host a social media contest with a prize worth winning. If done right this could be an enormous success, however if not you might be looking at a page inflated with dead likes.

What are “Dead Likes”?

Think of Dead Likes like dead weight. They are there and provide absolutely no value. They slow down the progress of the page, don’t interact and would never be a customer. When you have fans that don’t interact Facebook views it as your content isn’t good enough to engage with and decreases the number of people that actually see your posts through their newsfeeds.

How Do You Prevent Gaining Dead Likes … Read More »

Images Don’t Always Generate The Most Engagement On Facebook

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If you read a lot of social media tips online you’ll notice that most are in agreement that images are the clear winner in the quest for better Facebook page engagement. We love to test theories and tips to see just how true they are and in this case… not so much. If you truly know the brand you are Facebooking for and truly know the audience you should be able to see comparable engagement with text, video and link posts as well. This isn’t easy though. You need to have an engaged audience. You also need to engage with your audience in order to receive continued engagement. It’s easy to share the latest Internet meme or craze and get likes. It’s also easy to buy 5,000 Facebook likes for $20, but we all know where both of those strategies … Read More »

Pinterest Might Help You Find The Perfect Gift For That Special Someone

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Shopping this holiday season might be a little easier with the help of social media

If you’re looking for some holiday gift giving inspiration you might not be looking in the right place. What if we told you that you might have all of the answers to all of your questions just a click away? Does your best friend, Mom, significant other or sibling spend way too much time pinning their hopes and dreams away on Pinterest? Could it really be as simple as finding a Pinterest board of theirs that has everything they hope for? Could your holiday shopping quest really be that simple this year?


Check out this Pinterest board containing all sorts of gems that the “pinner” would love to have one day.

Some of these “pins” are actually linked directly to where the item can … Read More »