Stop Playing it Safe Online

Posted on April 30th, by Kim Randall in Social Media. No Comments

We play it safe all the time in life and Online. We stick to the simple and familiar especially when it comes to engagement, promotions and conversations on the Internet, and while this is all good, it’s too safe.

When a new platform launches, is your business among the first to sign up or do you wait to see what everyone else will do? Are you creating buzz or simply Tweeting what others are doing?

It’s no longer just about being Online, it’s about making waves and taking chances.

It’s time to

  • * Test the limits
  • * Go the extra mile to connect with your audience
  • * Tweet the not-so-ordinary content (and people)
  • * Be unique
  • * Stand out
  • * Find new ways to get in front of people
  • * Engage
  • * Join other platforms
  • * Stop automating your campaigns

With the thousand of networks available Online today anyone can be unique in their campaigns. Remember to always keep the message consistent, but also have fun with everything. Consumers are looking to engage and have fun, is your Online presence engaging, fun, and unique?

Have you checked out

  • * Quora
  • * Pinterest
  • * Yelp
  • * Foursquare
  • * Yahoo Answers
  • * Razzi
  • * Google+

These are just a few of thousands of Social platforms worth checking out and creating a presence on.


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