Simple Tips To Help You Improve Your Social Media Presence

Posted on December 2nd, by Kim Randall in Featured, Social Media, Social Media Tips. No Comments

No BS here, just some really great tips.

Twitter Tips

  • – Continually seek out new people to follow
  • – Have real conversations with people and brands
  • – Participate in Twitter chats
  • – Share content that you are truly interested in or that your business/ brand wants to be seen as the leader in
  • – Watch your analytics to see what shared content generates clicks, new follows, shares and replies
  • – Don’t automate your direct messages
  • – Always know what you’re Tweeting
  • – Be kind and thank others for sharing your content
  • – Follow popular hashtags and participate in conversation
  • – Above all else, be yourself.

Facebook Tips

  • – One of my favorite tips especially for brands and small businesses that do not have a huge marketing budget is to run a $1/ day new like ad campaign targeted exactly to who you want seeing your content.
  • – Engage content on other pages
  • – Don’t just promote yourself!
  • – Use your personal account to show your real personal side.

LinkedIn Tips

  • – Update your company page daily
  • – Repurpose your blog posts from your website into posts on LinkedIn
  • – Keep it real!
  • – Don’t spam, people hate spam
  • – Join and participate in groups

Other Social Media tips:

  • – Make sure your username is the same or similar on all sites (use
  • – Make sure you engage on all sites
  • – Use other platforms like Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest… whatever works for you and your brand
  • – Share the knowledge inside your head
  • – Analytics are huge, track them… there are tons of tools, find the one that suits you best.
  • – Don’t get discouraged and don’t give up!

Stay tuned for more great tips!