13 Timeless Social Media Tips

Posted on November 26th, by Kim Randall in Featured, Social Media Success, Social Media Tips. No Comments

There are hundreds of social media tips that everyone could use when it comes to their social media campaigns, but many of them come and go depending on trends, social platforms and new user behaviors…. however… we’ve come up with 11 tips that will always be relevant no matter the trends or user behaviors.

  1. Never stop following new people.
  2. Don’t ever ignore the trending topics, you never know where your brand might fit in.
  3. Use the platform that your customers are on, not only the ones you prefer.
  4. Use hashtags, but don’t over hashtag your content.
  5. Have separate social accounts for your personal brand and for your business.
  6. Give social media time. Success doesn’t happen overnight.
  7. Blog about your company, and interesting topics that will help you become the leader within your industry.
  8. Social advertising should support an engaging social media strategy, not replace it.
  9. Never give up and always evolve your strategy as trends and behaviors change.
  10. Always pay attention to your social analytics and tweak your strategy when you see something working well or not working at all.
  11. Always be unique and creative.
  12. Make sure you recognize and engage your customers and connections from time to time.
  13. Use different mediums of content in your strategy, don’t just focus on one. (video, text, image, audio…)

Would you add anything?