Our Social Media Sucks

Posted on January 5th, by Kim Randall in 2017, KiMedia Strategies News. No Comments

We Have To Be Honest About Our Social Media


We’re good at what we do…really good. We make brands social using the latest trends to enhance their exposure and engagement, but the one thing we’ve been really terrible about is practicing what we preach. Plain and simple, we are doing a horrible job with our own company social media…not because we can’t make Kimedia Strategies successful online, rather because we’ve always been so focused on success for our clients that our brand fell to the bottom of the list. Sad, but true story.

I personally Tweet, Instagram, Snap, Facebook, LinkedIn…you know, all that good social stuff, every single day. I encourage conversations around content, but that’s for my personal Kim Randall brand, not KiMedia Strategies and while that’s great, we still suck at our own social media which is why starting today we will be practicing everything we preach and do for our clients.

2017 will be the year that KiMedia Strategies gets back on track with having conversations, engaging others online, sharing behind the scenes content and so much more and we’d love to have you along for the ride.

You can connect with us on Twitter (@KiMediaStrategy), LinkedIn, Facebook, & Instagram.

This year we are also hoping to roll out a couple ebooks & a newsletter…,.figured we’d let y’all know so you can hold us accountable :p

What will you be doing for your social media presence in 2017?