Happy Second Birthday To Us!

Posted on May 16th, by Kim Randall in KiMedia Strategies News. No Comments

This time last year KiMedia Strategies was dealing with just losing their largest client due to budget cuts. It was one of the worst experiences to go through, yet a learning experience that made us stronger in the end. With only a handful of clients the spring of 2012 was rough and it wasn’t until June that everything began looking up. It was in June that our dear friends over at Tropik Media made a suggestion that turned into an introduction to some local Beef ‘O’ Brady’s restaurants and then like magic KiMedia Strategies found its path once again.

Why am I telling you this? I have always been 100% transparent online and although most companies focus on the positive, you rarely ever hear the struggles especially around the company birthday. I think… no… I know that the struggles and hardships are what motivate and inspire and this past year has definitely been a year of struggle. Struggle to stay positive when all hope seemed lost, but as with all struggle if you stay focused on a goal and work hard it pays off. That struggle turns into something quite amazing…. Something also known as success.

On top of losing a few clients we also gained quite a few… 12 restaurants, 1 band, an author and an ecommerce site to be exact. Losing that one client and realizing that we were putting most of our eggs in one basket was a blessing in disguise. It showed us that we need to be proactive all the time. In order to grow you need to always be looking for new clients.

An interesting thing happened in January of this year. We were approached by a company that wanted to acquire KiMedia Strategies. It was a flattering offer and never in a million years thought my small social media marketing company would be attractive to anyone else. Of course we thought long and hard and in the end knew that the best decision for our clients and for the company was to keep pushing forward with KiMedia Strategies and build it into something even more amazing than it is. Besides… What would we do with our time if we had no clients to produce awesome strategies for?

To our clients…. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

To our friends and partners… Thank you for always thinking of KiMedia Strategies and referring us when you can.

To Erik Ford of Tropik Media and Lori Friesz… Thank you for the suggestion and intro that turned everything around for us.

After all of the ups and downs in this past year I raise my martini glass….

here’s to the continuation of our journey, one that’s sure to have a few more bumps in it. Here’s to the unknown. Happy 2nd birthday to us!

~ Kim Randall, CEO at KiMedia Strategies