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Expand Your Social Media Network

Posted on February 27th, by Kim Randall in Be Social. No Comments

Expand Your Social Media Network

All of us at KiMedia Strategies challenge you to make one of your “Be Social goals” this week to Tweet someone new. Step out of your comfort zone and start a conversation with someone you’ve never Tweeted with.

What You Will Gain By Tweeting Someone New

  • An expanded network of connections
  • Access to even more potentially new connections reach out to someone new
  • An awesome mix of personalities
  • A network of people that will begin to trust you, your thoughts, abilities and expertise

Ways To Do Expand Your Network

  • Follow keywords, hashtags and conversations revolving around things that interest you and follow those participating
  • Observe who your connections are Tweeting with and join in the conversation
  • Search for lists around specific topics, follow and engage

What Not To Do On Twitter

  • Focus on how many followers they have
  • Get bummed out if they don’t Tweet back
  • Follow based on a Klout score
Focusing on any of these will leave extremely frustrated once you realize you’ve wasted your time caring about things that don’t matter.

You’d be surprised how much your network could expand if you implemented this into your everyday to-do list.

Be Social Goal (week 1) | Download your free Social Media Goals planner

Blogger, Twitterholic, Social Media junkie, and female business owner – Kim Randall is the Founder and CEO of KiMedia Strategies, has a huge passion for Social Media, the Internet, blogging and the relationships we create through these social experiences.


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