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apparel decorationIt’s no secret that Melco is a client of mine. I began working on their Online Social Media campaign at the beginning of November (2010). Melco already had a Twitter, Facebook and YouTube account as well as their website and very own niche based Social Media site, but they were launching a campaign for their new Direct to Garment Print technology (G2) and that’s where I came in. I was asked to come up with a strategy that we ultimately named the “Guerilla Social Media Campaign”.direct to garment printer

In the first month of the campaign we hit the social platforms  heavily, cleaning up the pages, tracking, targeting, listening and engaging. We used these platforms to see what the target audience was interested in and have began the process of building a very tight niche of connections. Connections that have become evangelists for Melco’s technology. What’s the best way to see if a product is worth the investment? That’s right, ask around. In the first couple of months it was very rare to see much interaction, but it wasn’t discouraging as we were not only trying to reach out socially, but we were also building up search engine results and links. The goal was to let the digitizing and apparel customization community know that we were not only Online, but available to chat with, ask questions to and find the proper support for whatever their concerns, questions or thoughts might be.

A Few Of The Many Platforms Used





Article Submissions

Niche based forums and Q&A sites

Social Bookmarking

In Four Months What Results Have We Seen?

As stated above, the first two months had very few interactions, but the building process was in full swing. By the third month we started receiving a lot of positive feedback, we tracked different events that Melco reps were at (ISS Long Beach, ISS Orlando etc…) and connected with people that had physically interacted with Melco’s technology. By the fourth month a Tweet inquiring on buying a Melco machine appeared in their timeline, which no matter what actually happens to this inquiry was amazing nonetheless. We also received Tweets about trying new ink samples that may or may not prove to be less expensive and better quality and on Facebook (thanks to Google translator and my 6.5 years of Spanish) I was able to translate a request for pricing and contact information on technology in Puerto Rico.

How Are We Utilizing These Tools?

On Facebook we use the Fanpage in many different ways. We use it to let our fan base know when and where the next event will be and how they can get tickets to check out the latest in apparel customization technology. We use the events feature, post notes for sales, updates and news. We use the questions feature to see exactly who we are connected with, what machine the majority uses and how we can better serve them. We upload pictures and videos to share. The ultimate goal is to always provide each and every person with the knowledge they need to better serve their business. We also connect with Melco users and their Fanpages. We like to see the awesome stitch designs and who would have thought that this girl would know what a bobbin is. I know that and a TON more about Melco’s machines and technology because before I could really jump into anything I needed to become familiar with the Brand. Familiar enough to be the Online rep. that lives in a world of Direct to garment printers and commercial embroidery machines, let’s not forget the digitizing software and customization tools. I had to become the one that everyone  connected to Melco knows as @MelcoUSA on Twitter.

Find Melco on Twitter

Melco’s Twitter account is used in many ways. Currently we are list building, seeking out Melco technology users so we can keep better track of the amazing things they create. Conversations are had, good mornings are said and yes some promotion is done, but the ultimate goal is to build trust and to really find those amazing connections that we can help as well as them help us.

Twitter also allows us to tap into conversations that people are having around the keywords we track or around the Brand. It helps us quickly disperse information such as Holiday hours for technicians. We can free up time that you would be sitting on hold with a simple direct message to a direct number or email address.

Listening and engaging are the two favorite activities on Twitter.

Of course I am not telling you all of our secrets because well, if I told you they wouldn’t be secrets now would they?

So, What does all of this mean?

This means many things.

* Your brand is probably way more glamorous than embroidery machines and direct to garment printers which means it might be easier Online for you than it was for us.

* I stand by what I have said before, any brand can succeed Online as long as you are willing to give it time, be creative and work hard.

* Melco is kicking some serious booty Online and has made themselves available to a whole new group of people.

* Sometimes in order to get ahead you must go back to the beginning as we did when we began the campaign in November. Maybe it’s time for you to clean up your sites and purge your social communities of those that are not beneficial to you or your brand.

* Keep your strategy alive. This is not the end of the road for Melco. There are bigger and better things in store in the coming months Online for the leader in commercial embroidery machines. A lot more awesomeness mixed with even more social goodness (shaken not stirred of course).

You May Be Familiar With Some Of Melco’s Clients

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Don’t give up too quickly!