Are Your Marketing Efforts Too Desperate?

Posted on April 10th, by Kim Randall in Uncategorized. No Comments

It’s normal to want to build a following quickly. It’s also normal that people want to promote they’re presence across the Internet. We’ve all done it, but sometimes it’s better to focus on the content and engaging when it comes to building your Social Media presence for many reasons.

social media engagement

You’re Not Engaging

People aren’t going to connect with anyone that’s simply Tweeting or Facebooking that you want them to follow you on We want something we can engage with you about. Give us the goods, talk to us. Social Media is about being social. This will increase your numbers!

Your Focus Isn’t Where It Should be

You look desperate when that’s all you’re talking about. Desperate and too focused on numbers. No one cares about your following as much as you do so really, this is worthless.

Your Focus Is On The Wrong People

You will lose the focus of anyone you have already connected with because you aren’t giving them what they want and that is engagement. Instead you focus on Tweeting Ashton, Tom and Oprah thinking that’s going to work.

Hint: It wont.


Stop focusing so incredibly hard on who’s following you. It’s OK to mention you’re on a specific site now and then, but your focus should always be engagement. This is how you will build a true following!

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