Training For Social Media Professionals

I believe that only good things can come from sharing industry knowledge with other social media professionals. There’s no competition when there’s enough work for everyone!

– Kim Randall, Founder & CEO, KiMedia Strategies

Over the course of 6 years we have failed, & succeeded. The #1 thing we noticed is there are too many outdated social media training courses and books out there for other social media professionals. We quickly realized that this is something we do all the time for friends, colleagues, and random individuals that seek us out on social media and decided to turn it into an actual service we offer. We’re 100% committed to helping others create smart social media campaigns for their clients.

We’ve been discouraged. We’ve had our backs up against a wall and we clawed our way over the wall. We want to help others achieve success quicker and more efficiently. We want to help others learn from our mistakes.

    Who is this social media training for?   

  • Anyone considering starting their own social media agency.
  • Social media professionals that have hit a wall.
  • Social media professionals looking to bring in an extra creative mind for their company, a specific project, or client.


Training Details

* Each training package runs for 30 days at a time.

During those 30 days each social media professional will receive:

  • 5 hours of phone (video chat, or in-person meetings if local)
  • Email support
  • Creative brainstorming and campaign mind mapping
  • Everything you need to onboard clients (questionnaire, contract template, onboarding checklist, and so much more)
  • Strategy for growing your business

Our training packages will vary depending on the overall needs of the social media professional. We encourage you to fill out the form below and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.