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Posted on October 22nd, by Kim Randall in Portfolio, Some Brands We Have Worked With. No Comments

Social Media Strategies for local boutique and e-commerce store

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* Social branding
* Social Contest strategy & execution
* Social Media management




Your Like & Share Facebook Contest Won’t Work

All too often I see people sharing pictures on Facebook with the original message being “Like and Share for your chance to win….” Sounds perfectly easy, but it actually isn’t. Requiring anyone to share the post in exchange for an entry doesn’t always work. With so many customizable privacy settings you’re never going to see everyone who shared the post making those posts hidden and unknown. Not very fair to the clueless fans that just shared your post and promoted your page. Liking a post as an entry to win is OK, but still not the best option because when you’re announcing the winner you’re not able to tag them so they will not be alerted to their winning unless they are watching your page like a hawk.

How To Run An On Page Contest On Facebook

Require the entrants to comment to … Read More »

10 Quick and Dirty Social Media Tips

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Here are 10 social media tips that are easy enough for anyone to immediately implement into their overall social media strategy.

Be authentic – stop trying to be someone or something that you’re not.
Be consistent – a Pin on Monday followed up by a Tweet on Saturday isn’t consistent. Have a posting schedule and stick with it. For 90% of our clients we post Mon-Fri on all social media platforms, more than once typically. Some, like restaurants, get a lot of weekend love too.
Experiment – The only way you’re going to know if something is going to be successful online is to actually do it. It’s OK if the experiment is a bust, it’s easy to move on to the next idea.
Schedule – Seriously. This is the ONLY way we are able to do what we do for so many clients. … Read More »

Using Quora Questions To Create Engaging Blog Content

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Quora is seriously a wealth of knowledge that we feel is not getting the attention it’s deserved. In case you’re wondering what Quora even is, it’s a question and answer site that has also evolved into a blogging platform allowing professionals and individuals the ability to either get answers to those burning industry questions or to answer questions showcasing your knowledge.

At KiMedia Strategies we love sharing our tips, stories and struggles because if it’s interesting or helpful to us, it must be the same for someone else so we’re giving you a tried and true strategy to take you to an entirely new level and create some real engagement with your content.

How KiMedia Strategies Uses Quora

We use Quora to curate the latest questions about social media, Facebook, Twitter, SEO, LinkedIn, Google+ and anything else that we specialize in. We don’t … Read More »

Tools We Use To Curate Shareable Social Media Content

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We use a combination of great tools to curate the best content possible for our clients. No two are the same, some are free or have freemium packages while others are so good we pay for them. Here’s a rundown of the ones we use the most in no particular order.

Manageflitter – not only is this tool a scheduler, it also suggests content based on your connections as well as allows you to pull in RSS feeds. We use this tool daily.
HootSuite – just like Manageflitter this tool’s main functionality for us is a scheduler, but they also have a “content suggestion” feature that is in beta. We use this tool daily.
Swayy.co – our absolute favorite tool for curating content as it also gives analytics on each Tweet and allows scheduling. We use this tool daily.
BuzzSumo – this is another great … Read More »