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Thunderstones App

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You Too Can Incorporate Pokémon GO Into Your Social Media Strategies

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Taking advantage of trends online and in real life can set your company and brand apart from the competition almost instantaneously. Take for example the Twitter trend, don’t you wish your company jumped on that bandwagon in 2006?  #ThrowbackThursday is another trend that businesses are starting to finally use in conjunction with their social media campaigns. Fast forward to last week, this past weekend, and today….let’s talk Pokémon GO!

What is Pokémon GO? The real quick, kinda n00b explanation of it is…Pokémon GO is a mobile app version of a card game & cartoon that was popular when I was in high school. I was never a fan to be honest, but now I kinda am. I personally love how it incorporates real world locations & is getting people outside. The goal is to catch the Pokémon, evolve them, battle at … Read More »

Take Your Social Media Mobile With These Helpful Apps

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It’s summertime and no one wants to be in a stuffy office let alone behind a desk so why not take one of the tasks you do every day mobile? It’s pretty easy to do, with the exception of one or two hiccups, but we’ll get to those in a bit. Right now we’re going to share with you all of our favorite apps that we actually do use on a daily basis when our clients have us working out of the office.

Social Media Management Apps

Facebook Pages
Twitter (native app for personal account usage)
Echofon (for all client Twitter accounts)
Hootsuite for scheduling directly from the web or content curation platforms
LinkedIn’s native app for personal accounts
Pinterest’s native app
Social Report for deep analytics as well as goal conversions etc…
Sprout Social (we use this for a few accounts based on necessity)
HubSpot (this is used for … Read More »

[Client News] Thunderstones Launches In The iTunes App Store

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Mobile app created to help stargazers better view meteor showers now available in the iTunes App Store
[TAMPA, FL] May 11, 2016 – Thunderstones, the newest and most innovative mobile application for viewing meteor showers in the night sky, announces its public launch in the iTunes App Store. The app focuses on providing the user with the best chance for night skywatching  visibility, taking light pollution  into consideration.

Astronomy App Features

Visibility Score – calculates the moon phase, cloud coverage, and light pollution into one simple score to help find the best day to see your meteor shower.
Upcoming Events- all major meteor showers in a quick access table with the projected visibility score for each day!
Radiant Point Locator – points to the origin point of the meteor shower in the sky for best viewing angles, also, taking into consideration that at times the … Read More »